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This is typical of life in northern Canada. I was filming a documentary in 2005 in Taloyoak, Nunavut. It was November, cold and windy. I went to the local Northern Store to pick up a couple of extra pairs of warm socks.

I walked the short distance back to my hotel, recording scenes with my video camera as I went – dogs sitting on their houses, ravens trying to steal dog food. I got to the hotel and while I was going to my room, I heard the radio in the kitchen blaring local announcements. I stopped and listened.

The announcer was trying to get ahold of the parents of two kids who were playing on a frozen pond. He could see the kids from the radio studio and was concerned the ice might still be a little thin. I thought this was so typical of northern life and perhaps a recording of this program might add to the the documentary I was working on.

So, I took my video camera from around my neck, pointed the mic at the radio and began to record the announcements. The announcer continued on about dogs on the loose and the RCMP’s safety concerns about small kids driving quads and snowmobiles. Then he said, “And finally, a pair of men’s woolen socks has been found in front of the Northern Store. You can pick them up here at the station CBIQ-FM.”

I looked in my shopping bag and sure enough, a pair of my socks were missing.

Ah, the North. ♥

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