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How the Universe was Told into Existence

Before the First Beginning, 
Before Beginning itself, 
They could be found

One, Two, Three Dimensions
Each a Single Point
Frozen in Space 

The Third sitting to the right of the Second
Who sat to the right of the First

With no idea of From Where it was They had Come
Or Where They were Now
Where They were Going
Or Where They wanted to Be

The Three Dimensions just sat and waited 
In that cold Cubed Space

In that three-quarter Circle

And They did not know why
They were There 
Or for Whom or What it was They were waiting
If indeed They were

They Waited
And Waited
And Waited

And while They Waited 
They tried to Tell their Stories 
to Each Other

First One 
Then Two 
Then Three

But no Matter how hard They tried
The Sounds would not come 
The Stories just could not be Told
So not a —- was Spoken 

They sat there, gawking at Each Other 
Like simple fools, caught with Their Mouths open, 
Tongueless, Wordless, Storyless

And there They would Stay 
These Three Tongueless Tellers of Tales
Perched upon this – the First Ever Point Before Tipping
Unable to Understand why Their Stories 
Would not
Could not 
Be Told

And there They would Stay
Until the Arrival of 
The One Who would Complete the Circle

The One called Time
The Fourth Dimension 
The One Who had Come to Listen
The Audience

And at that tiny Point in Time
At the Very Beginning of Beginning Itself
The GREAT CIRCLE was Complete

And All the Things that Were Part of that GREAT CIRCLE:

All Things Unique, Equal, Connected and One
All Forces Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, Electromagnetic and Gravitational
All Directions East, South, West and North
All Elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth
All Life Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, Thymine
All Human Emotion, Body, Mind and Spirit
All Cultures White, Black, Yellow and Red
All Stories Heard, Understood, Remembered, and reTold

And All Things That We Know… 
Were Told Into Existence!

And O, how 
That First Warm Breath 
That First Spoken Word
That First Coyote Howl 
That First Story…

…would come with a BANG!”

-FFL, 2003

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